Residential Participant Guide

Welcome to Waste Watch

Our mandatory program is PEI’s answer to waste diversion and the proper disposal of unwanted material. Waste Watch is very successful, and PEI has achieved some of the highest landfill diversion rates in North America.

Proper sorting is MANDATORY

You can see the IWMC sorting guide PDF here.

The above guide will help you become familiar with separating wastes generated in your home into RECYCLABLES, COMPOST and WASTE. Please note that some materials require special disposal and are never collected at curbside.

Sorting information for specific items can also be found on the Interactive Sorting Guide on our website or by calling Customer Service.

Residential customers are provided with two carts: a COMPOST CART (green) and a WASTE CART (black). These are collected on alternating weeks. RECYCLABLES are collected monthly in transparent blue bags that are purchased by the customer.

Collection Day information can be found by clicking on My Residential Collection. You will be redirected to a PEI Government site that lists pertinent information based on your civic address, including Waste Watch pickup details.

How Does Collection Work?

Drivers will only accept material that has been properly sorted. Carts and blue bags with improperly sorted information will be tagged and rejected by the collection driver.


Carts and blue bags need to be placed within 6 FEET (1.8 m) from the curb in such a manner as to not interfere with pedestrian or automotive traffic. In order to accommodate snow clearing operations after a heavy snow fall, carts can be placed within 18 FEET (5.5 m) from the curb. During snowy season, ensure carts and blue bags are visible to the driver. Placing them on the right-hand side of the driveway helps. Do not place carts, containers or bags on top of or behind snowbanks. When placing recyclables out on windy days, consider putting the heavier blue bags on top of the lighter blue bags and bundled cardboard. Material will be collected on the same side of the road as your house. Under no circumstances should your material be placed across the road.

If your material was sorted properly and was at curbside by 7 a.m., but missed by the driver, it is important to contact us by telephone within two working days to report the miss. If leaving a message after hours, we require your name, civic address and a daytime number where you can be reached.

To ensure collection, please have your CARTS and/or BLUE BAGS curbside prior to 7:00 a.m. on your regular scheduled collection day. Refer to the our website or the Residential Collection Calendar for holiday alternate pickup days and other important collection information.

Maximum cart capacity is 220 lb. (100 kg). Carts exceeding this weight will not be collected.

Roads must be accessible for collection trucks, have a good solid base to accommodate their weight, and have a suitable turning area. If trucks cannot access your road, collection will occur at the closest serviceable road. Call us at 1-888-280-8111 for more information.

From time to time, residents may have more material than will fit into the cart. If your material is sorted properly and your cart is full, you may place up to two additional bags, containers or items for collection (beside your cart). Waste can be placed in clear, transparent bags and compostables in paper yard/garden bags. If containers are used they must be left open, be rigid, and have handles so that the driver can safely empty them by hand. Bags, containers and ‘bulky’ excess material must not exceed 50 lb. (22 kg) or 4 ft. (1.2 m) in any dimension. Sorted waste and compost material will not be collected if placed in solid-coloured or blue bags.

You can find out more at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Special Services

Guidelines and information on these and other services can be found by visiting our website or calling Customer Service.

A three-week special collection campaign is offered in spring and fall to year-round homeowners to dispose of larger volumes of yard material or household waste items not usually placed for regular collection. Refer to your Collection Calendar for the schedule.

Trees are collected in early January each year (refer to your Collection Calendar). Trees are also accepted free of charge at WWDCs during the month of January.

Residential customers may drop off recyclables in blue bags, bundled cardboard, and large metal household items from 8 a.m. to noon at all Waste Watch Drop-Off Centers and at 175 Industrial Crescent, Summerside, and 2030 Georgetown Road, Roseneath.

Important Information

Bags Acceptable to Waste Watch:

Blue transparent bags ONLY.

No bag is best. If bags are used, they must be clear and transparent (driver must be able to see inside). Do NOT use blue bags for waste, or solid-coloured bags such as non-transparent shopping bags.

No bag is best — material may be placed directly into the kitchen mini bin then emptied into the compost cart. Empty boxboard boxes (e.g. cracker boxes) can be used to gather kitchen scraps. If bags are used, paper bags are the preferred choice. “Film” compostable bags may be used if they have one of the certification logos on them shown here.

No Ashes in Carts:

COLD ashes from stoves, fireplaces, furnaces and barbeques are to be collected in a cardboard box or paper bag placed beside the COMPOST cart (or if ashes contain metal, plastic, glass or pressure-treated lumber, they should be placed beside the WASTE cart). Please note that ashes in any other container (such as a pail or bucket) will NOT BE COLLECTED as emptying them could cause safety risks to the vehicle and driver.

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