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Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (IC&I) Customers

In Prince Edward Island, WASTE WATCH is a mandatory program for residents, visitors and businesses.

The main difference in the residential and business programs is that businesses must hire a commercial waste hauler for disposal of their sorted material, or they can transport it themselves to one of our WWDCs and pay the applicable disposal fees.

Mixed waste surcharges will apply to all unsorted material.

Refer to our Participant Guide for Businesses PDF for more information on sorting guidelines, special disposal, public waste, and commercial cottages.

Protecting Our Environment

Many consumers support businesses that demonstrate sound environmental plans which include the proper disposal of wastes as well as the reduction of litter. It is good public relations to provide sorting stations for your staff and your customers.

We thank you for doing your part — and for being a good corporate citizen!

For more information, contact our Customer Service Centre.

Commercial Waste Haulers

Public Waste Guidelines

Public Waste is recyclable, compost and/or waste material generated by the public at an event, festival, attraction, park, public lobby, picnic or dining area where sorting is not controlled by staff or vendors.

Public Waste Setup:

  • Provide containers for all sorting streams
  • Label containers for each sorting stream
  • Place containers in groups to facilitate proper sorting
  • If you must line containers, use transparent, clear plastic bags (empty contents for compost)

Note: Failure to provide adequate containers for sorting may result in surcharges.


  • Assess contents of each bag
  • If the sort is good (90% + sorted), place bag in the appropriate dumpster /container
  • If content is mixed (10% + contamination), write PW and business/event name on each bag and place in waste dumpster/container

Public waste guidelines do not apply to staff and vendor-controlled areas; all material generated in those areas must be sorted.

Mixed Waste Surcharge

  • Non-transparent plastic bags were banned from all disposal facilities in PEI to allow material inspections
  • Material not sorted properly will be subject to a surcharge based on tonnage
  • A flat fee surcharge applies to small volumes
  • Surcharges are payable by the contractor, waste hauler or customer transporting the material to the disposal facility
  • In lieu of a surcharge, IWMC reserves the right to reject unsorted material and non-transparent bags

Suggestions to avoid surcharges:

  • Provide sufficient containers and signage for recyclable material, compost and waste
  • Create personalized sorting guides for each container, listing items used at your establishment
  • Provide training for all staff and contractors
  • Periodically review waste disposal procedures
  • Perform unscheduled quality checks
  • Contact our Customer Service Center for assistance

Commercial Cottages

Properties with three (3) or more cottages on the same parcel of land may opt out of the residential curbside collection program and hire a contract hauler or transport their sorted material to the nearest WWDC and pay the applicable disposal fees.

Cottages in a campground or other commercial establishment must utilize the on-site disposal services or transport their sorted material to the nearest WWDC and pay the applicable disposal fees.

Mixed waste surcharges will apply to all unsorted material arriving at any WWDC.

Silage and Boat Shrink Wrap

Silage and boat shrink wrap will be accepted FREE OF CHARGE at Waste Watch Drop-Off Centres. We accept relatively clean and dry wrap in all colors and there is no disposal fee for clean material. Please be advised we do not accept horticultural plastic wrap and excessively dirty wrap cannot be recycled. See our Silage and Boat Shrink Wrap PDF for more information on recycling your shrink wrap.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous wastes include any products which are corrosive, flammable, reactive, or toxic.

Hazardous wastes produced by the industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) sector are not accepted at IWMC disposal sites. Businesses must safely and properly dispose of hazardous wastes by making arrangements with a hazardous waste carrier.

Local disposal companies who can handle most hazardous waste products:

  • Island Chemicals Inc. | St. Catherines, PE | (902) 894-7487 or (902) 394-5741
  • Terrapure Environmental | Sussex, NB | (506) 432-9500 | Toll Free: 1-800-933-5959
  • Clean Harbors Canada Inc. | Debert, NS | (902) 662-3336

Commercial Disposal Rates

Waste Watch Drop-Off Centre

Waste and Compost

$115 per tonne | $5 minimum

East Prince Waste Management Facility


$100 per tonne | $5 minimum


$115 per tonne | $5 minimum