Island Waste Management Corporation provides waste management services for all homes and businesses through PEI’s Waste Watch Program.

Let’s work together to keep our Island green!

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Remember!  The alternate collection for Canada Day is Saturday, July 4.  Please ensure your carts...

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Sorting Tips

Lobster Bodies & Shellfish

To keep your cart fresh, particularly if your cart is not due for collection for several days after enjoying seafood, you can place your lobster...

Kitty Litter Goes Where?

The disposal of kitty litter seems to be a hot debate on social media, but it's actually quite simple.  All kitty litter (including feces) with the...

Rejected Cart? Here’s What to Do

Drivers are instructed to assess carts (and blue bags) prior to accepting the material in their collection trucks.  Source separation is mandatory...

Paper Bags

Paper bags used by grocery stores and take-out restaurants are now recyclable. This is awesome. However, the best thing for the environment is to...

Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups are compostable in PEI. It is true there is a very thin polyethylene liner on some cups. This plastic residue and other similar...

Summer Tips for the Compost Cart

During warmer months, the primary cause of odours and insects in the carts are meat and fish as well as excess moisture from fruit, vegetables, and grass clippings.  Here are a few suggestions to help manage the carts in the summertime: Use boxboard (cereal boxes, etc.) to contain wet organics or...

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Raccoons Causing Issues?

Raccoons Causing Issues?

Here are some tips to consider: Set a concrete block or heavy rock on top of your cart; Secure the lid by crisscrossing two bungee cords on your cart. PLEASE remove bungee cords in the morning of your collection day as cords can get caught in the tipping mechanism on the trucks and can cause...

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COVID-19: Safety First.

If anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 or is currently self-isolating, please follow these safety precautions.

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Plant a Row – Grow a Row Program

Gardeners, did you know that extra produce from your gardens can be donated to a food bank or soup kitchen? Almost anything grown at home can be donated--from tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, to apples. Some charities even make preserves from donations, so don't be too quick to throw away...

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