Island Waste Management Corporation provides waste management services for all homes and businesses through PEI’s Waste Watch Program.

Let’s work together to keep our Island green!

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Sheep’s Wool?

Attention sheep farmers!   Sheep wool goes into WASTE.  While it is organic and will break down over time, the process at the Central Composting...

Face Masks & Wipes

Face masks & wipes belong in WASTE.  Please do not place in the compost cart or blue bags.  And...please, never flush wipes, even those with...

Kitty Litter Goes Where?

The disposal of kitty litter seems to be a hot debate on social media, but it's actually quite simple.  All kitty litter (including feces) with the...

Paper Bags

Paper bags used by grocery stores and take-out restaurants are now recyclable. This is awesome. However, the best thing for the environment is to...

Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups are compostable in PEI. It is true there is a very thin polyethylene liner on some cups. This plastic residue and other similar...

Waste Reduction Week in Canada: October 19-25

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate our environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. On PEI, we practice waste reduction every day of the year through our participation in the Waste Watch Program.   Islanders...

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Unwanted Farm Pesticides?

The Cleanfarms 2020 Unwanted Pesticides & Old Livestock/Equine Medication Collection will be offered from November 2-13, 2020.  No Charge!  Details can be found here: 2020-CF-Unwanted-Pesticides-Animal-Meds-Poster

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CP Masks & Tubing Recycling

Effective October 1, 2020, CPAP masks and tubing can be recycled through a special program with Sleep Therapeutics at 198 Grafton St., Unit 103, Charlottetown, PE. For more information contact 902 456 2192. The CPAP machine, if 50% or more metal, goes into Blue Bag #2. If less than 50% metal, it...

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Reusable Bags are Waste

Reusable Bags are Waste

Using a reusable bag when shopping is great for the environment.  When the bag is no longer useful, it belongs in WASTE.   Please do not place reusable 'textile' bags in your compost cart as these do not break down.  This photo was taken at Compost Facility as staff are noticing more and more bags...

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