Twine Recycling Pilot Project
May 3, 2021

ATTENTION FARMERS:  To increase agricultural plastic recycling on PEI, Cleanfarms and IWMC are collaborating on a pilot project o collect baler twine.  The pilot project will allow us to learn more about twine recycling and hopefully lead to a permanent program.

To participate, pick up a Cleanfarms recycling bag from a Waste Watch Drop-Off Center (WWDC) and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Shake – Remove as much debris, snow or ice as possible from your used twine.   Do not include net wrap/netting.
  2. Bag – Place loose twine in a clear collection bag.  Poke holes at the bottom of the bag to allow any moisture to drain.  When the bag is full, close it with twine or a zip tie.
  3. Return – Return bags of used twine to a WWDC.  There is no charge, however, overly dirty twine may be rejected or subject to a disposal fee.

For additional information on this pilot, contact Cleanfarms at 1-877-622-4460 or or contact IWMC at 1-888-280-8111.



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