Rejected Cart? Here’s What to Do
March 5, 2020

Drivers are instructed to assess carts (and blue bags) prior to accepting the material in their collection trucks.  Source separation is mandatory on PEI.  If a driver has rejected your cart, he or she will leave a tag to let homeowners know where improvements are required.  The driver will then inform Customer Service of the issue along with the civic number and sometimes a photo for our records (this helps us provide assistance when the customer calls for more information).  If your material has been rejected, here are your options:

  • You can resort the contents into the proper streams (recyclables, compost and waste); and place material curbside for your next scheduled collection;
  • If your cart is full, refer to our Excess Materials Guidelines;
  • Customers may also transport material to a Waste Watch Drop-Off Center and pay the appropriate tippage fee.  Please note that unsorted material is charged at the Mixed Disposal Rate and is not capped.  See the bottom of our Disposal Facilities page for more information on rates.



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