IWMC Receives 2019 Leader in Sustainability Award

IWMC has received Call2Recycle's 2019 Leader in Sustainability Award for its outstanding commitment to battery recycling. In 2019, over 27,661 kg (just under 61,000 lb) of batteries were returned for recycling in the Province. This is very impressive. Call2Recycle,...

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Rejected Cart? Here’s What to Do

Drivers are instructed to assess carts (and blue bags) prior to accepting the material in their collection trucks.  Source separation is mandatory on PEI.  If a driver has rejected your cart, he or she will leave a tag to let homeowners know where improvements are...

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Storm Cancellation Reminders

When collections are cancelled or delayed by storm conditions, up-to-date information is available here on our website, on Facebook at IWMC PEI, or by calling Customer Service at 1-888-280-8111 for pre-recorded storm messages. Customers are asked to remove carts...

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