Summer Tips for the Compost Cart
July 8, 2020

During warmer months, the primary cause of odours and insects in the carts are meat and fish as well as excess moisture from fruit, vegetables, and grass clippings.  Here are a few suggestions to help manage the carts in the summertime:

  • Use boxboard (cereal boxes, etc.) to contain wet organics or use paper kitchen bags for food scraps;
  • Sprinkle table salt, hydrated lime or baking soda in the cart;
  • Coffee grounds can be helpful to reduce odours;
  • Wash your empty carts using a garden hose and mild detergent;
  • Recycle grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn;
  • Store your carts in a shady area if possible;
  • Reduce food waste by planning and cooking only what your family will use.



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