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Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (IC&I) Customers

Working together Today to preserve Tomorrow

In Prince Edward Island, WASTE WATCH is a mandatory program for residents, visitors and businesses.

The main difference in the residential and business programs is that businesses must hire a commercial waste hauler for disposal of their sorted material, or they can transport it themselves to one of our WWDC’s and pay the applicable disposal fees.

Mixed waste surcharges will apply to all unsorted material.

Refer to our Participant Guide for Businesses for more information on sorting guidelines, special disposal, public waste, and commercial cottages.

Protecting Our Environment
Many consumers support businesses that demonstrate sound environmental plans which include the proper disposal of wastes as well as the reduction of litter. It is good public relations to provide sorting stations for your staff and your customers.

We thank you for doing your part — and for being a good corporate citizen!

For more information, contact our Customer Service Centre.

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Site Last Updated: May 29th, 2020
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