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Posted on: 2016-06-08

On World Oceans Day, IWMC salutes fishers in their efforts to help clean up the oceans to show appreciation for our waters.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have teamed up and will be providing bags to fishers so that waste produced on the ocean can be returned to the shore and disposed of properly.

IWMC encourages fishers to adopt source-separation habits during their course of work.  The easiest way to ensure material is disposed of properly is to put it in the right place when the waste is generated.  Sorting stations need not be elaborate on a fishing vessel--a blue bag hung in the cabin for recyclables and a bucket below for waste may be all that is needed.  Harbours are encouraged to ensure proper receptacles are available to allow fishers to properly place their sorted materials in when back on land.

Fishers should also learn about hazardous products that must be handled and disposed of separately.  Materials that require special disposal are listed on the 2nd page of PEI's sorting guide.

Sorting information is available on our website, and vinyl stickers (COMPOST, WASTE, RECYCLABLE) can be picked up at no charge at any of IWMC's facilities. 

When we work together, amazing things can happen.

A copy of the press release issued by Agriculture and Fisheries can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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