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Posted on: 2015-11-24

Thank you for a job well done! 

Now that Fall Cleanup is over, here are some reminders:

MATERIAL THAT DID NOT MEET GUIDELINES will not be collected.  These should be removed from curbside and disposed of properly.  For more information refer to our guidelines and interactive sorting guide.

LAWN & GARDEN MATERIAL may be placed in your compost cart.  When the cart is full you may place up to two open rigid containers or paper yard and garden bags beside your compost cart for collection.

WASTE ITEMS may be placed inside your cart, in open rigid containers or in clear transparent plastic bags.  When your cart is full, drivers will collect up to two containers, bags, or bulky items if placed beside the waste cart.

METAL ITEMS?   Items that are 50% or more metal are recyclable and are collected on your blue bag day.  Examples include barbeques, microwaves, bicycles, etc.  Metal items will be collected if they weigh less than 50 pounds and are less than 4 feet in length.  Bulky items (like barbeques) must be dismantled.  These can also be taken to any WWDC for free on Saturday mornings.

DRIVER MISSED YOU?  If your material was out on time and missed by the driver, it is very important you contact Customer Service within one week of cleanup.  For yard and garden material that was out by Nov. 16th and missed, customers must contact IWMC by this Friday, November 27th.

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