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Posted on: 2015-06-08

The Health Products Stewardship Association has implemented a program on PEI for the disposal of household medications and sharps.


MEDICATION RETURN PROGRAM includes capsules, cold medicine, cough medicine, tablets, pain medicine, pills, prescription and non-prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, natural health products, vitamin and mineral supplements, patches, inhalers and medicated creams. 

Residents may take unused or expired medications to any participating pharmacy FREE OF CHARGE.


SHARPS COLLECTION PROGRAM includes needles, blades, epi-pens, lancets, sharps, syringes, injection devices, insulin cartridges, safety pens, and infusion sets. 

Residential customers may pick up new, approved containers FREE of CHARGE from a participating pharmacy, and when the container is full, return it to the pharmacy for proper disposal (disposal is also FREE).



For a list of participating pharmacies or for more information, visit www.healthsteward.ca

Sharps and medications are no longer accepted at Waste Watch Drop-Off Centers.

If you are currently using an approved sharps container from a pharmacy, you may continue to use it until it is full, then obtain the new style when you bring in your sharps for disposal.


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