December 3, 2020

CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION begins on Jan. 11.  To ensure your tree is not missed, please have it curbside by 7 a.m. on the Monday.  Drivers have the entire week to collect your tree (it will not necessarily be picked up on your regular pick up day).  If your tree has not been taken by the Saturday of this week, IWMC must be notified no later than Tuesday, Jan. 19.  Ensure ornaments are removed.  Trees longer than 8 ft or heavier than 50 lb must be cut in half.

ISLAND FARMS ACCEPTING TREES ARE LISTED BELOW (please be sure all ornaments, tinsel, wire, etc. are removed)

  • HOPE RIVER – Alexander & Sandy Farm Haven, 4018 St. Marys Road, Rte 224 (place trees in front yard)
  • HUNTER RIVER – Bowman’s Farm, 4749 Rennies Rd, Rte 13 (place trees beside barn)
  • PIUSVILLE – Spruce Corner Hobby Farm, 285 Piusville Rd, Rte 149 (place trees outside the pen)
  • ROSEVILLE – Michelle Barbour’s Farm, 97 Trainor Rd, Rte 148 (place trees beside barn)
  • ST. CHRYSTOTOME – Beach Goats, 10143 Rte 11, (place trees outside the fence where the goats are)
  • VERNON BRIDGE – Serenity Mini Farm & Vacation Home, 380 Scentia Road (place trees at the end of driveway beside Waste Watch carts)
  • WOOD ISLANDS – Emerald Isle Goat Creamery, 1231 TransCanada Hwy (place trees at the end of the business lane)

Attention Farmers:
If you would like to list your farm as a location where the public can deliver Christmas tress to after the holidays, please contact us.  Please note that you may also deregister your farm at any time.

WASTE WATCH DROP-OFF CENTERS will accept residential trees at NO CHARGE during the month of January.



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